Webcast: Sales Agreement with AB Vista

Avivagen’s CEO, Kym Anthony, discusses the recent sales agreement with AB Vista that was announced on Friday, October 1st, 2021. Listen or read the transcript below.   Transcript Operator  Good day ladies and gentlemen. Welcome everyone to Avivagen’s analyst and investor call to discuss their landmark deal with AB Vista. As a reminder, today’s conference […]

C-Suite Interview with Avivagen (VIVXF) CEO Kym Anthony

Noble Capital Markets research on Avivagen is published under ticker symbols VIVXF and VIV:CA. The price target is in USD and based on ticker symbol VIVXF. Avivagen Inc is a Canadian based company operating in the healthcare sector. It develops science-based, natural health products for animals. It develops and commercializes products for livestock feeds to […]

Avivagen CEO Interviewed on C-Suite At The Open

TSX At The Open

Kym Anthony, CEO of Avivagen, was recently interviewed by Karoline Hunter, Head of TSX Company Services at the TMX group. The interview covered the company story and gives a look ahead at the future of Avivagen’s OxC-BetaTM. The interview also covers Immune Priming, its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and its efficacy in improving Gut Health.

Avivagen CEO Interviewed By Proactive Investors

Kym Anthony Proactive Investors

Avivagen CEO Kym Anthony was interviewed by Christine Corrado about superbugs, antibiotics in livestock feed, and how Avivagen’s discovery of OxC-beta can help to address these issues.  

CEO Kym Anthony Interviewed by Uptick

Kym Anthony Proactive Investors

CEO Kym Anthony was interviewed by the penny stock news and trends podcast, Uptick Newswire. I think if people keep their eyes on the size of the prize, [they’ll see] the livestock market is in the billions of dollars; our share of that would be in the hundreds of millions if we roll out successfully. […]