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Did you know antibiotic resistance in humans is considered to be this century’s single greatest global health threat?

An Oxford Journals’ Clinical Infectious Diseases article states “The ongoing explosion of antibiotic-resistant infections  could mean a literal return to the pre-antibiotic era for many types of infections”. Antibiotic resistance is already responsible for killing more than 700,000 people each year and the toll is projected to rise to 10 million by 2050.

The cause of antibiotic resistance? The common and widespread use of antibiotics in animal feeds to produce meat consumed by humans, as well as over-prescription by physicians for therapeutic treatment of human infections.

Avivagen is offering a solution

A scientifically-proven, natural product that is helping people live their best lives. Our OxC-beta is showing widespread benefits in livestock, while cutting costs, and improving the health of pets. Now on the horizon is a product for humans.

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This breakthrough, patent protected health support product is proving to support the innate immune system and support a healthy inflammatory response in livestock.


It is antibiotic-free, making it an alternative to in-feed antibiotics. It’s also easy-to-use because it comes as powder and is very affordable. Investors are talking that this product is like “the discovery of a vitamin.”

OxC-beta™ For Livestock

1.2 Billion Tonne Global Feed Market (Alltech Global Feed Survey, 2021)

Sales are growing since more and more people are seeing the difference our product has on their pets. Dogs are living their best life, especially those in their older years. In North America, sales are on Amazon and JV with Mimi’s Rock (TSXV:MIMI).

OxC-beta™ For Pets – $635 Million Worldwide Market

In February 2021, Avivagen launched its product to help humans support their health and live their best life. This is a significant global opportunity: the online health product market in the U.S. is valued at $20 billion.

OxC-beta™ For Human Health – $90 Billion U.S. Market

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Avivagen is developing and commercializing products
that promote health in animals and humans.

Avivagen offers its commercial partners scientifically backed, evidence-based products that are in high demand from multiple channels including veterinarians, farmers and producers, pet owners and retailers.

Avivagen maintains the highest manufacturing standards and is a proud member of the NASC, a self-regulating body, which protects and enhances the integrity of the animal health product industry.

Avivagen is actively collaborating with companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines and we are seeking more relationships internationally.