Healthy Pets

Our pets are our companions. They are part of our families and every day life. They too deserve to live their best life, ultimately making our lives better.

Dogs have a new spring in their step.

When dogs are healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside. Healthy skin. A glossy coat. An extra spring in their step.
And this is what you will see in your dog thanks to the animal supplements created by Avivagen.

Vivamune Health Chews are a tasty, once-a-day supplement to give your dogs the quality of life and optimal health they deserve.

“We love the Vivamune Chews. I have two Golden Retrievers, one 5 and on 2 years old. They are both registered therapy dogs. Last year, Tucker (the older one) started having skin problems and his coat didn’t look shiny as well. Now both look wonderful and no more skin issues.  Their coats are shiny and silky. Thank you Vivamune!”

– Happy Customer

The benefits of Avivagen’s pet supplement

What research trials are telling us

Two clinical trials evaluating the benefits of Vivamune have been completed by Avivagen. Study 1 was completed over a six-month month period and involved 50 dogs of various breeds and ages. Study 2 was completed over an eight-month month period and involved 70 senior dogs (over the age of 5 years) of various breeds.

Both studies produced similar results with owners and veterinarians reporting:


Vivamune Chews

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