Healthy Livestock

Avivagen is helping farmers raise livestock free of antibiotics for overall better health of the animal.There is growing pressure on farmers to maintain high production and low costs, resulting in a global crisis due to the pressing need to stop using in-feed antibiotics for health and growth.

Avivagen has a compelling alternative.

OxC-beta Livestock is proving in trials with thousands of animals that this novel product helps animals grow healthier and faster. The encouraging results of the first studies in swine and poultry in Canada prompted further, extensive, successful trials in UK, Vietnam, Philippines, China Thailand, Mexico and the US. In these trials, the animals showed significant benefits including high-quality milk and production in cows, and improved immune systems in sow, piglets and chickens.

“Avivagen’s OxC-beta Livestock product is a major global opportunity because it offers a cost-effective alternative to the use of in-feed antibiotics,providing a healthier food option for all. Animals are growing healthier and faster, with comparable feed rations, reducing the single-largest cost in rearing food animals”

– Kym Anthony

Chief Executive Officer, Avivagen Inc.

The benefits of OxC-beta Livestock

What research trials are telling us

Trial results, along with supporting in vitro studies, show that Avivagen’s beta carotene oxidation product is the reason behind the health benefits of OxC-beta Livestock.

When the OxC-beta product is added to livestock feed, the mixture of the small molecule and copolymer compounds increases feed consumption because of its flavour. Trials show animals experience an improved immune system

“This project will further strengthen UNAHCO’s green platform strategy ‘Safe Feed = Safe Food’. We’re very excited to work with Avivagen on their OxC-beta™ Technology, a nature-based feed ingredient that has been shown to enhance immunity and productivity..”

– Glen Ibañez

AVP-Technical Services of UNAHCO

The Evidence: Trials

OxC-beta Livestock has undergone extensive field trial and customer evaluations in dairy cattle, pigs and broiler poultry at research centres and customer facilities around the world. Results from these trials demonstrate that OxC-beta Livestock supports immune function and overall animal health, leading to significant benefits in productivity. The bottom line is healthier animals perform better.

40+ clinical and field trials

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