Trevor Mogg

With a Bacherlor of Science in Biopharmaceutical Science and Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa, Trevor started with Avivagen in 2006 to carry out fundamental R&D related to OxC-betaTM technology. He is currently directing the Chemistry Group, with a lead role in Product Research and Development, Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs.

Munawara Dar

Munawara is an experienced business professional with 10+ years of office administrative experience, with extensive working knowledge of logistics operations, life sciences industry and public companies. She is a graduate of Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Munawara coordinates, plans, organizes and manages with key business executives and Avivagen’s partners supply chain operations to […]

Drew Basek

Drew has 25 years in the investment industry including working on Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange desks (Merill Lynch Canada, Bankers Trust Canada. He has a B.A. Honours (Economics) from Queen’s University and an MBA (Finance & Marketing) from The Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto). Prior to joining Avivagen, he spent 15 years […]

Tracy Gillett

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland in Australia. She practiced as a veterinarian both with companion animals and in mixed animal practice in Australia and the UK for over a decade. She worked for Bayer Animal Health in New Zealand where she gained valuable experience within one of the […]

James Nickerson

James joined Avivagen in 2007 to establish the company’s biological research facility and direct the R&D program as the senior research biologist. He later moved into the role of Director of Commercialization Science and Product Development. Now he is Executive VP of Business Development & Product Innovation, leading the business team and working with management […]

David Hankinson

David brings years of experience to Avivagen as the former President and CEO of Solvay Pharma Inc. He also co-founded a pharmaceutical distribution operation as VP of Kingswood Canada Inc. and has 15 years of experience in various positions at Eli Lilly.

Graham Burton

Graham, a co-founder of Avivagen, comes with a background as a leading scientist in vitamin E research at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). His later research activities became the foundation for Avivagen’s oxidized β-carotene technology.

Kym Anthony

Kym is the CEO of Avivagen. He has extensive experience in capital markets, agriculture and life sciences. Kym is the current chair of Hybrid Partners and is the Executive Chair of Top Meadow Investments, Inc. He is also the previous chair of Prometic Life Sciences Inc.