Paul Mesburis

Mr. Paul Mesburis is the Managing Principal of Empyrean Capital, and has more than twenty years of international experience in financial and capital markets. On the buy-side, he has managed portfolios for global investment strategies in both debt and equities. On the sell-side, his experience includes senior roles in mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, and […]

Aubrey Dan

Mr. Aubrey Dan is a Canadian businessman, philanthropist and Tony-Award® winning producer (MEMPHIS) as well as the Principal of the Dancap Family Investment Office ( Mr. Dan joined Novopharm Ltd. following his graduation from Western University in the role of Sales Representative, progressing to the position of Director of Sales. He later served as President […]

Jeffrey Kraws

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Crystal Research Associates LLC Mr. Kraws ranks in the top ten analysts for pharmaceutical stock performance in the world, and Starmine and Zacks have both ranked him as number one stock picker for pharmaceuticals. His experience includes Senior Pharmeceutical Analyst at Evern Securities, Asea Brown Boveri, Nationsbanc Montgomery Securities, BT […]

David Hankinson

David brings years of experience to Avivagen as the former President and CEO of Solvay Pharma Inc. He also co-founded a pharmaceutical distribution operation as VP of Kingswood Canada Inc. and has 15 years of experience in various positions at Eli Lilly.

Graham Burton

Graham, a co-founder of Avivagen, comes with a background as a leading scientist in vitamin E research at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). His later research activities became the foundation for Avivagen’s oxidized β-carotene technology.

Kym Anthony

Kym is the CEO of Avivagen. He has extensive experience in capital markets, agriculture and life sciences. Kym is the current chair of Hybrid Partners and is the Executive Chair of Top Meadow Investments, Inc. He is also the previous chair of Prometic Life Sciences Inc.